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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Purchase Product quality check with Tested Reports.

In Process Inspection of 100% Material through every stage of work.

Final Inspection of Product Manufactured.

Pre-Dispatched Inspection & Dispatched Report

In-House Machines & Job work Capacity.

  • Ace Brand CNC Machines Super Jober 500.
  • Jyoti Brand CNC Machines DX200-5A.
  • Ace Brand CNC Machine 300 x 200.
  • Conventional Machining Shop.
  • All Types of Grinding with Sister Concern Company.
  • Sister Concern Companies also Provied forged Equipments.
In-House Casting Capacity

In-House Casting Capacity.

  • RA Induction Manufactured 150Kgs Crucible for Melting.
  • Capacity to Expand till 300Kgs.
  • 70Ton Plant Capacity per month and Expandable up to 150Ton per month
  • Green Sand as Well as Sand Casting Process available for Fast Production.
  • Suyash Brand C-analyser Available for Live Metal Reading.
  • Cast Iron as Well as Spheroidal Graphite Iron (S.G Iron) Casting Process Available.